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Dry Face Skin Care Tips

Dry Face Skin Care Tips

Dry Skin Care Tips
Many people have the problem of dry face skin at a certain age, this is because of some natural oils, decreased cell renewal and sun damage. Face skin changes at a certain age is all because of sun damage. Sun rays not only damage your skin but they also speed up your skin life process, spider veins, wrinkles and age spots.
Well, to prevent all these changes here are some very natural ways and homemade beauty tips instead of buying expensive products and wasting money.
You can change your dry face skin to healthy and beautiful skin by acting upon these natural dry skin care tips.
1. Vitamin A is a very useful protein for dry skin and skin aging. Creams with vitamin A help to prevent skin aging, pigmentation and wrinkles.
2. Moisturize your skin daily keeps you from getting older skin and wrinkles. A routine face moisturize can give you healthy and glowing skin.
3. One egg, one spoon of olive oil, rose water and one spoon of honey is the best beauty mask for dry face skin.
4. Night and day moisturizing is must for a healthy skin. Night moisturizing is important but day moisturizing is must because it helps you from getting infected by dangerous sun rays
5. One spoon of raw milk and three drops of lime peel(juice) mixed together and applied before taking a bath helps prevent wrinkles, dry skin and skin aging.
6. Apply pure milk on your face and keep it for at least 10 minutes, it also helps to reduce your skin damage.
7. Drink water daily and be hydrated, drinking water also helps your stomach working properly.

8. Exfoliate on a weekly basis, its very important for your skin, keeps away your skin from getting dry.
9. After taking a shower apply some aloe vera plant gel. If you don’t have a aloe vera plant then you can find it in the nearby nursery.
10. Take two capsules of vitamin E, take out all the oil and mix it with lime juice and apply it on your face and then after some time wash your face.
I am sure, these tips will help you to get shiny and glowing face skin.

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