Tuesday, 30 July 2013

"Ubtan" - For Blemish & Acne free Skin Care Home Remedies

"Ubtan" - For Blemish & Acne free Skin Care Home Remedies

                                        Natural Home remedies for Skin Care

 Prepare your Ubtan at home for Skin Care,  through natural items; it can make your skin safe and glowing. We all are very conscious for skin care to improve our complexion and want to look presentable.

In The following Ubtan Recipe Fenugreek and camphor powder is special content for blemish free and glowing skin.
Fenugreek (Methi) easily available in your kitchen can give you relief in pimples and also reduce blemish from your skin and make it fair and glowing. 
 Camphor Powder has Anti-bacterial effect so it can smooth the skin while Acne and pimples. It also helps in Skin itching and irritation. For, blemish free complexion use pinch of camphor powder in your Ubtan. Skin Care regimen essential to Reduce your all skin Problem to know about the ingredients properties and get as per your skin type solution and make your skin fair and glow. 
Beauty tips by Ubtan Recipe: FOR, Blemish & Acne free glowing Skin.
Wheat flour:                        2 tablespoon
Besan:                                2 tablespoon
Fenugreek powder:             1 tablespoon
Camphor powder:               1 tablespoon
Orange Peel:                       2 table spoon
Cucumber juice:                  Few drops
Tomato Juice:                     Few drops
Lemon Juice:                      Few drops
Yogurt:                               2 tablespoon
Mix well all above ingredients, and apply on your body  through circular massage, leave it for 15 minutes. Remove overall Ubtan by rubbing. Then in same time dead cells will be removed completely from your skin then take a proper bath with water, Don‘t use soap after UBTAN.
One of the special beauty tips it is really, it works like magic. To get rid of scars, blemish & pigmentation use above beauty tips for your radiance and flawless skin care.

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