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Henna is essential for beauty care

Henna is essential for beauty care


Beauty care in India is incomplete without the inclusion of henna, especially during marriage season.
The best henna is that which turns the hands red. The best of all is the Rajasthani henna.
Henna or mehendi is a tradition for the weddings as it denotes fertility. This is the initiation to womanhood.
Henna denotes love between the couple. The intricate patterns have attraction and have unique properties.
It is used as it is the best coolant during hot summers and also has a succulent aroma. Earlier mehendi was popular for its medicinal qualities. Henna application for few hours allows the skin to become cool.
Beauty of henna is apparent when the fresh leaves are mixed with vinegar or lime juice and are applied on burns. The churned leaves of henna applied on sore joints make a wonderful treatment for rheumatism. The henna leaves are useful in curing headaches as well as in inducing sleep.
Henna oil prevents hair graying and the leaves of mehendi stops bleeding and also averts skin diseases. Nowadays, it is available in powder forms that can be made into paste by adding lemon juice and eucalyptus oil.
This is added to enhance viscosity and smoothness. Adding coffee or tea powder gives darker color to the henna paste and after rinsing, applying mustard; eucalyptus or coconut oil ensures best results.
Henna is essential for beauty care and is also used as medicinal value. Henna seed is mixed with ghee and is had with lukewarm water. The bark is useful in treating jaundice. The bark is crushed and used for skin diseases such as eczema, scabies, fungal infections and burns.
People having hair problems can also find applying henna as the best treatment. Fresh henna leaves should be boiled in mustard oil. This should then be applied over the scalp for shiny and healthy growing hair. The ground henna leaves are ideal to relieve prickly heat and the decoction of mehendi leaves is appropriate for clearing the soreness in the throat by gargling.
Henna leaves can be directly plucked fresh and ground. They can be used directly or to have better color the henna can be blend with tea or coffee decoction, eucalyptus oil and lime water. This gives good luster and also a very cool effect. As it is now available in powder forms applying it has become easy. However, mixing it and keeping it in an iron urn for few hours and then applying it gives a dark color.

Tips On Using Henna For Hair
The ever increasing pollution, dust and stress levels at work place leave our hair looking so drab and lifeless. Besides, clear skin and perfect body, hair is also one of the most important aspects of our body that should be given our utmost care and attention. Today, various forms of media including newspaper and television are filled with numerous advertisements related to hair products. But, are they all really safe as they presume to be? If you are doubtful about using hair products or the commercial hair dyes available in retail stores then, the best and only option to go for is the natural henna, one of the wonderful gifts bestowed upon us by Nature. Many people suffer from hair related problems such as hair loss, dandruff, etc. Henna, besides being used to treat all these above problems, is also used widely across the globe to dye the hair. Know more about the uses of henna and how it can aid in getting healthy hair. Scroll down the write-up further.

Dyeing Hair Naturally
  • People suffering from gray hairs, hair fall, etc depend on henna to get rid of all their hair related problems. Those who are fond of coloring their hair can also try their hand at henna, which is considered not just a natural dye but also an effective conditioner that gives an ultimate glossy shine to the hair. Be it teenage girls or middle-aged ladies, the use of henna is universal and doesn't come with any kind of limitations.
  • Henna, besides coloring your hair, also reduces the occurrence of dandruff. If your hair is tangled, it helps to loosen the curls and aids in making it more manageable and thick.
  • Unlike other dyes, henna is transparent i.e. it doesn't color but instead covers the hair shaft with natural red color. Thus, you don't need to fear any harmful coloring side effects since it is 100% safe.
  • In case, your hair is losing its sheen, all you need to do is prepare a mixture of dry henna, lemon juice ,water and apply it on the hair. After one hour, wash it off and see the difference yourself! You can reduce gray hair substantially if you use henna regularly.
  • Apart from the above benefits, henna has been used from time immemorial to treat skin diseases and other disorders such as mouth blisters, headache, jaundice, leprosy, etc. However, a newbie to henna must make sure to buy natural henna powder to get the deep red color. Wear a pair of gloves while applying henna paste on your hair and also, make sure to wash the hair thoroughly before coloring it.
Mehendi Powder For Hair Coloring
  • The process of coloring your hair with henna may seem a bit tedious. But nevertheless, by knowing a few simple techniques, the art can be easily mastered.
  • It's always wise to buy the powdered form of henna, since premix henna may sometimes tend to possess some chemicals with them.
  • The quantity of henna to be used depends on the volume and length of your hair.
  • As the color of henna has an innate ability to stain your skin, hands, and even clothes, make sure you wear worn out clothes or wrap your shoulders with an old towel before you start the process of dyeing your hair.
  • To make the color look attractive, always apply henna from the base of the scalp and then gradually move to the tip of the hair. Once you are done with applying every part of your hair with henna, roll it into a bun and wait patiently for three to six hours to let the henna dry.
  • Finally, use warm water to wash off the henna. You can later use a good shampoo and condition your hair like you generally do. 

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