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Dark Circles Under Eyes Home Remedies

Dark Circles Under Eyes Home Remedies

Dark Circles Home Remedies
Dark circles under eyes are those black circles that usually appear under eyes and above the cheek bone. Human beings have the thinnest skin around eyes that’s why it is mostly influenced by the sunlight and in and out flow of fluids. Most people suffer from dark circles because of caffeine, smoking, seasonal allergies, cold, working late night and sinus infection. Dark circles under eyes often start in adulthood although children can also develop dark circles under eyes.
Although dark circles around eyes are not a sign of exhaustion or serious illness but they can make feel old, unhealthy and tired. Dark circles under eyes completely hides the face and eyes beauty.
In order to treat dark circles under eyes you don’t specifically need to visit doctor who will give you a bunch of expensive medicines, you can also use given below home made remedies to prevent dark circles under eyes. There are some home made remedies that i am going to discuss in this article, so you can treat your dark circles at home.
1. Water can make your skin healthier, so drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water because it helps in removing the toxins from cells making your skin healthier and glowing.
2. Apply a mixture of almond oil and honey before sleeping every night, this will make your skin fair reducing the dark circles.
3. You can also use the remedy of putting the tea bags under your eyes while taking a nap.
4. Applying peeled potatoes and cucumber on your eyes for about 3 to 6 minutes also help in reducing dark circles under eyes.

5. You can also dip cotton buds into rose water and put it under your eyes for at least 15 minutes.
6. Apply a skin oil containing vitamin k as this vitamin helps in keeping your skin relaxed.
7. If you stay outdoor for long time, you must apply any sunblock to prevent your dark circles from getting worse.
8. Make sure to have a healthy diet, eat food having vitamin C, D and vitamin E.
9. Put a cold spoon under your eye for 15 to 20 mints until it gets warm again.
10. Don’t use too much salt as too much salt also makes your skin rough and oily resulting dark circles under eyes.
11. Treat hay fever, if it is the problem of dark circles around eyes.
12. Switch your sleeping position as this may also increase dark circles under eyes.

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