Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How to get rid of Dark circle under eyes.

How to get rid of Dark circle under eyes..

                  Cause and remedies for Dark circle under eye:

Eyes are very important parts of our beauty, we should always care & maintain our eyes.For beautiful & Gorgeous look, skin should be flawless and spot & blemish free.dirk circle is an major issue to make your look attractive.If you are suffering this problem don't worry for that,here are some home remedy simple tips from our beauty secret for reduce dark circle,follow these home remedy and get relief from dark circle.
Cause for Dark Circle under eye:
*Stress.& Fatigue                             
*Lack of Sleep
*Alcohol & Caffeine consumption.

Home Remedies for Dark Circle under eyes problems do regular with these home remedy within 15 days greatest effect approved.

Home remedy for dark circle under eyes : Cut the potato into slice and keep it on close eyes so that it can cover complete eyelid,relax for 15 minutes.it will remove dark circle assured solution this is but be regular ,You'll get differences Wow no dark circle Great !!!! 

Home remedy for dark circle under eyes : Massage with Sweet almond oil slowly-slowly around eyes.it has one more advantage i.e.your eyelid will look beautiful with growth and do prefer at night for best result.almond oil will remove under eye dark circle and keep the eyes beautiful & gorgeous.

Remedies by Life-style:

#1.Take enough sleep at least 8-10 hours,get relax and enjoy your  Weekends need to relax more.

#2. Eat a healthy,balanced diet take vitamins.Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable like cabbage,spinach,beans & green leafy veggie.take daily vitamin supplement.

                                                       #3.Avoid smoking habit as soon as & decide to quit this if u have.  

Remedies by Cosmetic solution :
Apply an under eye cream containing Vitamin K & retinol.with these contain discoloring and puffiness will reduce after long term use and seems to have the surprising result.

You can  minimize the appearance of dark circles under your eyes and in some cases remove dark circles completely after long term owned the remedies.

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